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The Number Images

You know how to get the names of the notes, which are sharp or flat, for any number of sharps or flats. You also know the names of the major keys. But how many sharps are in F# Major? How many flats are in Bb Major? This lesson will begin to teach you how to know what number of sharps or flats is in each of the major keys. When you know this, you will be able to easily spell the scales for every major key. Each image in the Key / Note Image list (fin, car, gear, die, arm, ear, bike) represents two major keys, one major key with a number of sharps and one major key with a number of flats. This means that each Key / Note Image will have two numbers associated with it, one for the number of sharps in the sharp key and one for the number of flats in the flat key. Numbers are notoriously difficult to remember and easy to forget, but I will show you a very easy and powerful method for remembering the numbers of sharps and flats in every major key.

 Turning Numbers into Images

In order to make it easy to remember the numbers for all the major and minor keys with sharps and flats, we will need to turn the numbers into images. This is because images, unlike numbers, are very easy to remember. The connection between the images and the numbers they represent will also be easy to remember, because the Number Image names will rhyme with the number they represent. Each number will have two different Number Images that rhyme with it, except for the number seven.

The Number Images

The names of the Number Images are next to the numbers with which they rhyme. Read the names next to the numbers and look at the images so you associate the image name to the image. Each Number Image will rhyme enough with its number to easily remind you of the correct number. For each number below, read the number and the image names out loud so you can hear the rhyme.

1 - bun, ton


A One Ton Weight

2 - shoe, tube

3 - tree, tee

A Golf Tee (just call it tee)

4 - door, fork

5 - hive, fife

A Bee Hive (just call it hive)

6 - sticks, socks

7 - sore van

A sore van is a van that is sore. You can tell that the van is sore because of the bandage covering a wound.



Exercise 4:

Write down the number that rhymes with the each Number Image name.


1. tree


  8. fork


2. bun   


  9. tube


3. door


10. fife 


4. sticks


11. tee


5. sore van 


12. ton


6. hive 


13. shoe


7. socks 




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Exercise 4: 1) 3   2) 1   3) 4   4) 6   5) 7   6) 5   7) 6   8)  9) 2   10) 5   11) 3

12) 1   13) 2





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