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Socratic Method (from the DVD "All About Law School")

The use of the Socratic Method, as portrayed in the first video, strikes me at first glance as a description of what the Socratic Method is NOT. The almost violently disturbing nature of the confrontation does not seem to be compatible with the gentle nature of the method as portrayed in Plato.  Also, in contrast to law school, Socrates and his method had no guarantees about "correct" answers for many of Socrates' questions.  This second element makes more of a difference than the first.  However, it seems like some of these students get shaken to their core in a way that makes them more thoughtful about the subject matter.  Thus, this application of questioning in law school does have a Socratic flavor to the extent that it drives students to learn how to think like a lawyer during the process of responding to questions. 

Socratic Method in "All about Law School"

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